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NOT REALLY. I'm going on a very long hiatus cause I don't have the power to commit, since I'm like that. Terribly sorry to all those people who used to read my fiction; I won't be so presumptious as to assume there're many left. Sorry for the inconvenience I've caused, but I'd expect it wouldn't be great. Maybe someday when I have the juice to write, I'll come back, but with a few oneshots, no more. I have to come to terms with the fact that I have no committment, nor drive, no matter how many readers read my writing, to keep up series fictions, nor to churn out hundreds of one shots. It would be meaningless, and lacking in quality and style. I would be working on exhausted reserves.

Right now, I'm currently going back to reading good writing by real authors, and hopefully when I'm back, my scope will be expanded and not as limited as before. Maybe then, I can contribute in a much more meaningful way that if I were to stay and leave you all with leaf litter from my keyboard.

I'm just back to say that honestly, I'm a little disappointed with Suju's new song. The boys have such talent and yet their voices are buried under a stifling layer of auto-tune. It's like they subscribed to the new age of conformity on a whole new level. I love Suju with all my heart, and perhaps it's only that reason that seems to be why I'm not entirely against this song. I hope that they would redeem themselves quickly with an MV or another song that perhaps shows the real stuff of what Super Junior's made of.

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Lemonade On A Summer's Day Pt 5

Title: Lemonade On A Summer's Day Pt 5/?
Rating: PG-13 (mentioned sexual situation)
Genre: Angst, Romance
Pairings: Yewon!
Warnings: highschool!AU, but with a twist. ^^
Summary: Yesung hates school, but a certain "Greek God" is making things so much better.

A collab fic between [info]belicax and myself, that stems wholly from an msn convo! ^^

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A/N: Sorry I haven't been writing much, life kinda caught up with me. :/ I'll try my best to stay current and try to write, but I can't promise anything. DX Sorry to all my readers. DX

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Super Junior
Siwon - 2010-02-11 - #2 A (15 Song Prompts): headless_bex
1)I Want to Know But I Don’t Want to Ask – Calories Blah Blah
2)1582 – Kamenashi Kazuya
3)Tears from the Moon – Conjure One
4)Just So You Know – Jesse McCartney
5)Cassis – The Gazette
6)Cool Whispers – Sasja Antheunis
7)Waiting for the World to Fall – Jars of Clay
8)Running Up That Hill – Placebo
9)Eternal Summer theme - Mayday
10)Missing Child – IU
11)Decode – Paramore
12)Prisoner of Love – Utada Hikaru
13)Decay – Rie Fu
14)Telling Lies – Great Northern
15)Damaged – Plumb

This be my new baby! <3
I shall work hard! ^^

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Ahhhhh. Hahahahahaha.

I just came home from the Literature Night performance practice. I know we all graduated already but it's an alumni performance so you can't say anything! Hah! ^^ I can belt! Yeyyyy. I'm so glad I can, like once I warm up it's all good. Haniel sais he forgot to sing for a moment cause when he heard me it was like O.O

I HOPE THAT'S A GOOD THING. And I hope next friday, the audience doesn't get a fright when I hit that startling note. Imagine a collective shock/gasp. Hahahahahahaha aihdgjkbs;ldhkg.

Ahh I'm fungry. I think one of the nicer moments in life, though torturous but not so cause you know you're gna get food later, is smelling your dinner cooking and it smells so freaking good, but not actually able to eat yet. But one of the NICEST moments in life is eating when you're hungry. Everything tastes so much better. So waiting for your food, only being able to smell it, just raises your appreciation for it more. ^^

Oh another good moment, when you can actually satisfy your craving. Like, having the money to spare when you're craving something expensive, or being at the right place at the right time. Or coming home to find that what you've been craving's all laid out for you. Ahh the sweet moments of life are so simple. <3

Then again, that's just me. I'm generally happy where food's concerned. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD /pig

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You're perfect in your frankness.
Your earth-shattering honesty.
No one would predict a story like yours.

No one can make you feel inferior
Without your permission.
The process of learning that
Is beautifully sharp.

I know you hurt, and feel bitter
Sour regret, like the steel
Of a piercing. But that doesn't count
For nothing when you recover to see
The ornamentation past the pain

And if anyone let this precious
River come undone with its eddying
Turbulence and with their own heart,
All everyone will ever come to say-
Learn to say because it's true;
He's. Fucking. Stupid.

Goodbye bby, it's been real. <3
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You're My Bunkmate Now

Title: You're My Bunkmate Now
Rating: NC-17!
Genre: SMUT.
Pairings: Sihan, ninja!henwook!
Warnings: Sexness. Hardly a warning, but whatever. XD
Summary: Siwon's had enough of seeing that fine specimen of an ass ascend and descend daily without doing anything about it.

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A/N: SMUT SEQUEL TO MY EARLIER DRABBLE, BUNKMATES! This is for Hankyung and Siwon's birthday, in Singapore time, of course. ^^ I'm kinda posting it in the middle of both but who cares. HEEHEE.

시원오빠, 한경오빠, 상일 축하함니다! 사랑해요! <33333

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After The Show

And then when you least expect it
The velvet curtain falls

Not in the romantic way we
All want to see to receive
Closure and pull on our white gloves
To go back home

It falls, crashing our hopes
Expectations pre-conceived notions
All gone like applause

That's the twist, surprise
Ending no one expected

Isn't that expected?
When will we ever learn
Love gives us no assurance